Sensory Bin - Frog in a Pond

Sensory bins are a great way to keep your child engaged and learning for hours.

The Not So Perfect Mum Sensory Bin is reusable, and each month contains themed materials and props for creativity play, fine motor development, cognition skills, and much more.

This month’s frog in a pond is great for fine and gross motor skills. Hop the frogs between the lily pads, play in the slime with hands and squish between fingers, counting games, imaginary play pretend to be a frog and learn about the frog life cycle. 


  • Container with lid
  • Slime Powder (just add water) divided into 3 packets for months worth of slime
  • 10 x Green Frogs
  • 3 x Lily Pads
  • Jumping Frog Toy
  • Brown playdoh
  • Activities 
  • Craft Frog

Easy to set up in the bin and pack away when done, simply put lid on and store until next time.

This kit is designed for toddlers + but it could be used for a baby to play with the animals and slime UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION.  Non-Toxic and 100% Colourfast. Please don’t store anything other than slime in container when not in use. 

Made to Order - 3 to 7 days before shipping. 

Please note that I ship via courier so it needs to be a physical address and no PO boxes. 

Instructions and safe handling of slime provided. 

Our slime is NOT made from glue so is cleaned easily