Sensory Bin - Counting Ducks

Sensory bins are a great way to keep your child engaged and learning for hours.

The Not So Perfect Mum Sensory Bin is reusable, and each month contains themed materials and props for creativity play, fine motor development, cognition skills, and much more.

Counting ducks  theme  is guaranteed to be a hit in your house.  Play with the textured slimey base kit that represents the pond. Using the net scoop to catch the ducks, squish the slime base through the netting of the scoop. Use the scoop to collect hiding items in the pond base. 

This kit is great for supporting learning to count, hand strength/development, fine motor skills, sensory and tactile skills and or-ordination. 


  • Pond slimy base x 3 (base can be used multiple times and each batch can be kept for up to a month) other base options available at drop down box
  • Rubber ducks X5
  • Net Scoop 
  • Scoop tong
  • Hidden pond theme treasures (counting stones)
  • Lilly Pads
  • Playdough
  • glitter and pond topping for extra sensory fun
  • Printed activities (not pictured above). The activities are counting theme and instruction letter.

Please note that I ship via courier so it needs to be a physical address and no PO boxes if can be avoided. 

^items may vary from the above photos due to Covid and stock supply